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Set in the posh location of Colaba, South Mumbai; Grand Cuisines Banquets offers you The Cooperage Lawns. The sprawling grounds of 69,000 sq ft. invite you to host a lavish feast for your guests which can accommodate upto 5000 guests.

Our three newly paved lawns with your specifications become ornate with the decorative trees making a natural enclosure to give you a picturesque surrounding and your event a grand success. With a parking space for 100 cars; you can be rest assured that your guests can relax & join you in your festivity.

Our sprawling grounds i.e East, South & South Central that has approximately the area of around 23000 Sq Ft. so you can make sure you can call all your guests for your special function. Our immaculate gardens & picturesque venues lend the perfect backdrop for capturing your precious moments to last a lifetime. Each ground can accommodate 1000 pax (floating crowd) for all kinds of social events like Engagement, Mehendi, Marriage or Reception etc

Cooperage Lawns is a Global Kitchens' concept